Google+ (Plus) theme for Windows 7


Google+ (Plus) theme  for Windows 7 This is the work of graphic designers who sprayed the idea with the presence of Google+ as a new social network in the prediction going into the toughest rival Facebook.

There are 8 kind of wallpaper / background on the Google+ (Plus) theme  for Windows 7 is to be alternated decorate your screen ..


Please download link below, Free ; (

Google+ Link 1

Enjoy it ... (Themepack-Gratis)

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Islamic Backgrounds For Windows

Islami Background For Windows, actually a continuation of the best islamic wallpapers .. its title at different let me make a rather unique. Below is the result of a search everywhere and that certainly Islamic background for windows is it worth it to your collection.

Islami wallpaper image
Islami wallpaper image

Masjid Islami Wallpaper
Masjid Islami Wallpaper By Madyan
Lilac Delight Mosque
Lilac Delight Mosque Islamic Wallpaper By Madyan

Mesjid di Gurun Biru
Mesjid di Gurun Biru Islami Wallpaper
Mesjid Berkilauan Biru
Mesjid Berkilauan Biru Islami Wallpaper By Yasin Media

Tasbeeh Islamic Wallpaper
Tasbeeh  Islamic Wallpaper By Yasin Media
Islami Background photo
Islami Background photo

Wallpaper desktop islami 01
Wallpaper desktop islami 01
The Light Islamic Wallpaper
The Light Islamic Wallpaper By Yasin Media

Wallpaper islami design photo
Wallpaper islami design photo
Wallpaper desktop islami 02
Wallpaper desktop islami 02

Islamic background for these windows is 1024x768 pixels and HD quality to the desktop. To download it just click the image and click the right mouse button -> click Save Image As ... then point at which you want to save the wallpaper.

See also Islamic Themes for Windows 7

Hopefully Useful ... Wassalam (Themepack-gratis)

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Best Islamic Wallpapers

Below is a collection of collections of a few Best Islamic wallpapers with a choice of format 1024x768 pixels and HD quality to the desktop. Islamic wallpapers Hopefully this choice can make a buddy Enjoy .. and can make choices for your desktop background image

alhamdulillah background islami
Alhamdulillah background islami
black snake background islami
Science islami wallpaper background

Allah Maha Kuasa Islami Wallpaper
Allah Maha Kuasa Islami Wallpaper
Allah Maha Besar Wallpaper Islami
Allah Maha Besar  Wallpaper Islami By Madyan

Bismillah abstrak background islami
Bismillah abstrak background islami
Allah's Night Sky Islamic Wallpaper
Allah's Night Sky Islamic Wallpaper

Hussein islami background desktop
Hussein islami background desktop
Futuristic Islamic Wallpaper By Art Islam
Futuristic Islamic Wallpaper By Art Islam

Islami background desktop
Islami background desktop
Islam Inside Islami Background
Islam Inside Islami Background By Madyan

Islami komputer background
Islami komputer background nature
Islami Kaligrafi wallpaper images
Islami Kaligrafi wallpaper images

How to download wallpapers Islami This option simply click the image and click the right mouse-click Save Image As ... and the point at which my friend want to save the desktop background.
See Also Islamic Themes for Windows 7.

Hopefully useful ...Wassalam (Themepack-gratis)

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Korean Artist Wallpaper (Shinee, Super Junior, Supernova, 2PM, Kim Sa Rang)allpaper (Shinee, Super Junior, Supernova, 2PM, Kim Sa Rang)

Korean artist ...?? Who does not know them .. especially with his boys band like Shinee, Super Junior, Supernova, 2PM and Kim Sa Rang. If indeed you are a big fan of them, wallpaper below can be one complement your personal collection ... Please download the wallpapers below Korean Artists Free ...

Shinee wallpaper

Shinee (Boys Band)

Super Junior 01 wallpaper

super-junior_1 (Boys Band)

Super Junior 03 wallpaper

super-junior_3 (Boys Band)

Super Junior 02 wallpaper

super-junior_2 (Boys Band)

supernova 01 wallpaper

supernova_1 (Boys Band)

supernova 02 wallpaper

supernova_2 (Boys Band)

supernova 03 wallpaper

supernova_3 (Boys Band)

2pm 02 wallpaper

2PM_1 (Boys Band)

2pm 01 wallpaper

2PM-2 (Boys Band)

2pm 03 wallpaper

2PM-3 (Boys Band)

kim sa rang wallpaper


These wallpapers are 1024x768 resolution

How to download these wallpapers just click the image and after open a new window and click the right mouse click and choose Save Image As ... (navigate to the location of your computer disks)

Thank you for visiting themepack-gratis 

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Download Free Car 2 Animated Theme

car 2 theme gratis

Cars 2, is a sequel to the animated film from Pixar Animation Studios. The story begins with a race car Lightning McQueen and Mater the tow truck started the journey to Europe, Japan and London to compete in the World Grand Prix first to determine the fastest car in the world.

Cars 2 It has 6 windows wallpaper with 1920x1200 resolution HD quality from Disney's official website.

car 2 theme gratis

Please enjoy it for free by downloading this animated theme Car 2. This theme design is only for windows 7 only. Hopefully you can enjoy it. (themepack-gratis)

Author (

Download Link

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Free Download Themes Kung Fu Panda 2

gratis theme kungfu panda

Microsoft has recently been officially released a new theme for Windows 7 that is Kung Fu Panda 2, which is his box-office film of DreamWorks Animation and the theme is available for download free of charge barrier-free.

This theme has a level of high resolution (1920 x 1200) with 9 kinds of wallpapers that will provide a different experience and are always alternately decorate your desktop.

gratis theme kungfu panda

This theme can only be used on; 
Windows 7 Home Premium, professional, Enterprise or Ultimate editions.

Size: 12.9 Mb

Please download at bottom;

Download Link

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Islamic Theme For Windows 7 Part 4

gratis theme islami-a

A continuation of the previous Islamic theme, I now present to the Islamic Theme For Windows 7 Part 4, but with the feel of a beautiful calligraphy sentences, especially for a Muslim and you want to decorate your windows 7 with her ​​Islamic-themed theme.

Hopefully with this theme can make your hearts quiet and at peace and always remember God ...
This theme comes with 7 wallpaper that is sure to refresh your eyes and your heart.

gratis theme islami-a

To be sure this theme Free or Gratis for you ... Please Download below :

Download Link

Enjoy it .. (ThemePack-Gratis)

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Theme Apple 3D For Windows 7

gratis Apple 3D Windows 7 Theme

Now you can bring your desktop into an Apple Mac ... especially if you are a fan of Apple products, such as iMac, iPod iPhone, etc, then you should have this theme for Windows 7 you and bring 3D desktop features the Apple logo into your desktop. and prove your dedication to this product by downloading this 3D Apple theme.

Apples Theme 3D is a 3D theme dedicated to the display picture of the Mac OS in the desktop operating system Windows 7 and the theme of this Resolution has a very hight level matches with almost all desktop and laptop screen with Windows 7 as the operating system that is 1920x1200 with 10 Wallpaper of different forms with different shades of colors that include, gray, blue, red, white and black.

Theme Windows 7 is Apple's 3D Free license please download here:
Download Link 2 :

Size : 4.9 Mb
Author/Company Name :

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How to Install Windows 7 Theme in Vista

How to Install Windows 7 Theme in Vista - This tutorial is a guide to learning the Install Windows 7 Theme in Vista, The steps are :

1. Download Windows 7 theme that you like
First of all, you should download the official Windows 7 theme that you like. Keep in mind only the formal themes that will work, unsigned theme of the 3rd party may still pose many problems in Vista & XP, but it would not hurt if you wanted to know who exprimen anyone can ....

2. Ekstrak file Themepack & Instal
For example themepack used here is Windows 7 Style Theme, please download here
  1. Ekstrak file or Ekstract Here 'Windows_7_Style_For_Vista_by_giannisgx89.rar' 
  2. cara instal theme windows 7_(1)
  3. Go to folder 'Windows 7 Style' and double-klik so it looks like in the example Fig.2 below:
  4. cara instal theme windows 7_(2)
  5. Then double-click on the folder 'Themes', then it will look like this ;
  6. cara instal theme windows 7_(3)
  7. Double-click 'window7.theme' the lowest position. For Windows Vista file format. "Theme" and Aero are compatible, while XP and Mac does not support Aero, so you can only use the wallpaper only.

To install the theme manually in Vista, how that is:

1. Copy all the contents of the folder (Folder & Windows7 Windows7.theme) to theme your windows folder, its position is at:

C:\Users\nama user kamu\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes
Note : your user name is the name of your computer account

2. Download Windows 7 Background Changer for Vista 
Vista does not have a built-in background changer like Windows 7, but there are many tools that can do it. The recommended one is "John background Switcher" :
Yohanes background Switcher

3. How to Copy Windows 7 Screensaver
Almost all the screensaver is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. That should be done is to copy the file extension ". Scr" (for screensaver) into the folder Windows Screensaver:
C:\ Windows\System32 

4. How to Copy a desktop icon
If themepack it comes with a desktop icon, you must install it manually, step;
  1. Right click on your desktop - Click on "Personalize"
  2. Click on "Change desktop icons"
  3. Set each icon manually by clicking the "change icon":
5. Completed

Good Luck ... (ThemePack-Gratis)

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Islamic Theme for Windows 7 Version (Complete)

gratis islami theme windows 7

Please try Islamic Theme for Windows 7 Version (Complete), and find a theme that is different from the others, this Themepack is Free.

Islamic Theme for Windows 7 Version (Complete) This include therein Voice of Al-Quran, Cursor, Gadgets Ruling, Icon is a very unique and comes with the alarm when the time for prayer comes.

  gratis islami theme windows 7

This theme in the package consists of:
  • Voice of Al-Quran
  • Icon Islamic nuanced
  • Beautiful Blue Cursor
  • God the Start Button (Orb)
Hopefully this theme can bring peace, happiness in the hearts and feel great for your computer.

Please download here free for you

Aero Version       Download Link : Download Link
Normal Version   Download Link : Download Link

Note : Installation Guide for Windows 7 was already present in each bundle file in the download, If you use Windows Vista or Windows XP to install it guide see here.
Author :
Good Luck ... (themepack-gratis)

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